Who is Zespri


Zespri’s vision is to be the “acknowledged world leader in kiwifruit”. To be the category leader in kiwifruit, Zespri provides unrivalled excellence in brand based consumer focus, customer relationships and innovation, underpinned by cost-effective global sourcing of superior fruit.


Zespri aims to create a worldwide, year-round supply of kiwifruit. To do this, we’ve formed partnerships with special growers around the world.


We also strive to use the best practices in all of our processes and we are dedicated to being a sustainable business and market leader in the industry.

The environment is of huge importance to Zespri, so we guarantee that Zespri Kiwifruit is grown in a way that has minimal impact on the environment.


Above all, Zespri’s focus is to satisfy our consumers by offering them the world’s most delicious, nutritious and safest kiwifruit.


The New Zealand kiwifruit industry has an amazingly rich history. Find out the origin of the nutritious berry before it was even called a “kiwifruit”.

The New Zealand kiwifruit industry has an amazingly rich history. Find out the origin of the nutritious berry before it was even called a “kiwifruit”.

1904Isabel Fraser, headmistress of the Wanganui Girls’ College, brought kiwifruit seeds back to New Zealand from her sister’s mission station in China’s Yangtze Valley. Isabel gave the seeds to orchardist Thomas Allison, who gave them to his brother Alexander.

1910New Zealand’s first kiwifruit vines were recorded as bearing fruit on Alexander Allison’s property, south of Wanganui.

1924Auckland nurseryman Hayward Wright developed the green-fleshed kiwifruit variety that bears his name and has become the most commonly grown around the world.

1952Jim MacLoughlin and Grahame Bayliss exported the first commercial shipment, 13 tonnes of kiwifruit to England.

1959-yangtaoKiwifruit was originally referred to as “Yang Tao” or the “Chinese Gooseberry”. Local growers, however, wanted to rename the fruit in recognition of New Zealand’s national symbol – the special brown-feathered Kiwi; thus the origin of the name ‘kiwifruit’.

1970The Kiwifruit Marketing Licensing Authority was formed to provide growers control over their industry structure and regulate the activities of exporters. This structure enabled grade standards to be established and a coordinated approach to marketing undertaken.

1997Zespri Kiwifruit brand was born – with a commitment to grow and sell the best kiwifruit, which remains unchanged today.

1999Zespri International introduced the tropical-sweet, yellow-fleshed Zespri Gold Kiwifruit variety to the world and rebranded Hayward fruit as Zespri Green Kiwifruit.

2004The New Zealand kiwifruit industry celebrated 100 years.

2006Kiwifruit achieves new SuperFood status in a trendsetting book SuperFoods Health Style by Dr. Stephen Pratt.

2008New Zealand production of Zespri Kiwifruit exceeds 100 million trays.